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A deeper appreciation of the little moments.

What is “Annstracts?”

As you might have gathered, my name is “Ann,” and I love taking abstract photos.  That’s how the blur between my name “Ann” and the word “abstracts” happened.

My mission is to share my appreciation of the little moments with you so that we both foster more meaning in our lives.



Seeing a new perspective with abstract photography.

“…abstract art frees our brain from the dominance of reality, enabling it to flow within its inner states, create new emotional and cognitive associations, and activate brain-states that are otherwise harder to access. This process is apparently rewarding as it enables the exploration of yet undiscovered inner territories of the viewer’s brain.


–Vered Aviv, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience


Cameras created a way to capture reality, to document a moment in time.

Using the same tool, I blur the line between the real and the unreal. Sometimes my work is fairly realistic. You know what the subject is, but some context might be missing or different from what you’ve seen before. Perhaps you sense something more than meets the eye. Other times, I throw out the traditional rules of photography and experiment, creating art and perhaps, unrealistic but visually entertaining images.

Abstract photography relies more on the viewer than on me to create meaning. There is freedom in abstract photography that allows me to approach my subject creatively. There is also freedom for you to interpret it using your imagination. As a result, both of our brains get a good workout. 

Your attention is the most crucial element in my art. Practice a few moments of mindfulness with one of my recent projects where I blend abstract photos with meaningful messages.

Color at the end of the tunnel: geometric abstract art.

While there may be light at the end of the tunnel, how much more uplifting would it be to have color at the end of the tunnel?

I was walking towards a barn structure we were considering for a photoshoot. We had to pass under a highway through a tunnel. The city had commissioned someone to paint the walls with geometric designs. Sidetracked from the original mission, I set up my camera and tripod, wondering what would happen if I twisted my camera around? See for yourself how the gradient colors blur the distinction between solid lines, curves, and swirls. The result is a fun, youthful vibe with dreamy effects. 


Wave of Optimism

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A yellow wave crests over a blue wave rising in a smooth flow. Like a ray of optimism on an ocean of calmness. Click here to view as a print.


Finding calm in the chaos.

Soothing my mind with photography and writing. And hopefully yours.

Isn’t that a never-ending challenge? Life comes at us fast. When I notice my mood shifting and my thoughts turning to worry, I lean into something that will remind me of the joy of living. One of those things for me is my photography. The other is the way writing helps my self-awareness. 

I hope you find that these little moments I share boost your mood.


Start your day with gratitude.

When a mentor told me to find three things to be grateful for right upon waking each morning, I didn’t think much would come from it. But groggily, I complied. And years later, I’m here to tell you; it makes a difference.  It moves the needle in the right direction.

Unfortunately, myself included, we tend to look for the easy out, the quick fix, the magic pill. But professional teams, high-performance athletes, and successful business executives share a commonality. They understand the importance of daily consistency. 

When it comes to having a life filled more with joy and less emptiness, you must cultivate appreciation over time. The simple exercise of finding something, anything to be grateful for, is powerful, even if it is just, “well, I’m glad I have hot water,” By the way, when you don’t have it the next time, you’ll be really grateful!

In addition to this simple act of affirming what is good in your life right now, I also find that a little nudge of self-discovery daily will make you more appreciative of who you are. If you spend a little time each day exploring who you really are, over time, you’ll find that you are an insanely amazing creature—loved, lovable, and fun to be around.

I’ve created the “Reflect” page for just that. On this page, you’ll randomly be shown an image like the one below. I create these from my photography and writing. They are meant to prompt you into thought, reflection, and if you are open to observing what thoughts and emotions these bring up, you may find you want to journal about them. Visit the page as often as you like, and if you want to explore these by theme, you’ll find that option at the bottom of the page.


Try self-reflection journal prompts with this random reflection generator.

An egret sits in a tree quietly and a quote expresses the need to have a quiet mind.

Abstract photo wall art and uplifting observations.

If you like viewing abstract art, you can find more in my “Photo Albums” section of this site, or take a look at “Prints” to see what is available as photo wall art.

I write in more depth in my “Journal” entries, so if you enjoy both the art and the words, please sign up to be notified when I’ve added new content. I’m so excited we’ve found each other!

My journey is more meaningful with you as part of it.


My most recent journal entry and photo album.


Photo Albums

Beautiful Decay Art for Sale

Beautiful Decay Art for Sale

Dilapidated objects have a sense of mystery. They hold secrets from a long life. Their surface tells a story and the patterns make beautiful abstract rust wall art. Within the rust and paint swirls, I discover the texture of a living surface that is still developing. Who is to say when something is at the end of its useful life?

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