Capturing our outer world
differently to view our inner
world more clearly.

Photo art prints with an
abstract point of view.

Abstract photo art from the Seeking Simplicity gallery shown as wall art in a entry hallway. "Boundaries" is a snow covered hill with a forest of burned but still standing trees creating a pattern of boundaries.
“Boundaries” nature black and white photography by Ann Newman.


How do I order a print?


Click over to the page called “Shop.” Click on the collection that attracts your eye, then find the piece you can’t live without. Once you click on the name of the piece you love, you’ll see that the site will guide you to choose a medium.

What does the term medium mean?

Medium is how the art is printed so you can display it for your home or office.

Paper is a print that you’d typically put a mat on top of the print and then buy a frame.

Canvas sets the photo to be printed on the same material a painter would paint on and doesn’t require a frame; note that the sides will stand out from the wall, adding some dimension.

Metal will offer the photo art a magical luminescence and does not need a frame. The dye is infused on specially-coated aluminum sheets.

Acrylic prints are ultra-modern, contemporary, and make colors appear more vibrant; acrylics do not require a frame.

What size should I choose for my wall art print?

The next step after choosing the medium is size. I’ve preselected only a few sizes, the ones that are most popular for decorating. If you want something other than that, just reach out to me. Click on the size that works.

What do styles mean when I select artwork for print?

The next tab on the page will guide you to styles. Again, I’ve simplified the choices here, so if you have a different style in mind, just let me know. For instance, if you plan on putting a mat and frame around a paper print, you may want a 1″ border. Or perhaps you have a solution in mind that you want the print extended to the edge of the paper. For canvas, you can have a solid color around the edge, or extend the photo art. Canvas, metal, and acrylic will all include mounting hardware so when it arrives, you can hang it right away.

Honor the present moment with this captured wave cresting in shades of turquoise blue and white foam. Ideal for a living room wall print.
“Present Moment” photo wall art by Ann Newman.


What if I don’t see the style or size that I need for my wall?


In order to simplify the ordering process, I selected the most common sizes and the medium I thought would work best for the piece. If you would like something else, it is most likely possible. Please send me a message and I’ll be happy to collaborate with you.

Shadow Traits abstract photo print looks great in an office. Layers of sunset shadows on the Grand Canyon  with a late day rainstorm passing over.
Abstract photo “Shadow Traits” by Ann Newman.


How long will it take to get my art print order?


I want you to enjoy your art promptly, but also want to ensure that it is a quality piece. Each art order is printed on demand. The time for printing is typically 2-4 business days, but high demand seasons like holidays and issues with workforce can slow production times. Shipping to the lower 48 states for most orders arrive 5-7 business days after production. Again, holidays and interruptions to shipping can increase the time until you will see your order. Please allow enough time if you are considering this as a gift that needs to arrive at a particular time. Once you place your order, relax. Things that take a little time are generally worth the wait.

Abstract nature with a motion blur of an aspen grove with afternoon light spilling through the trunks.
“Delusion” abstract of an aspen grove by Ann Newman.


What will the shipping cost for my artwork order?


If you want your abstract art print sent within the continental United States, the great news is, nothing! Due to all the variations for international shipping costs, I will work with you to find the best solution for shipping. If you need shipment outside of the United States, please send me a message at ann@annstracts.com, and I will help you out.

Abstract nature art showing a close up of a cactus point and the toothy detail on the leaf.
“To the Point” abstract photo art by Ann Newman.


What is Live Preview AR?


Live Preview AR is Augmented Reality. This tool allows you to launch a camera like on your phone or tablet, and try out the art piece on your wall. Just click the button for “Live Preview AR,” then point towards a wall. The Augmented Reality tool will help you see how the size, the color, and the shape of the art print will look.

Black and white nature photo of a snow covered mountain side with torched trees from a recent forest fire. One tree surrounded by smaller trees representing individuality.
“Still Standing” black and white abstract by Ann Newman.


What is your policy on returns, exchanges, refunds?


I want you to be thrilled with your new wall art, and will provide a no-charge replacement or refund if there are any quality issues. Since each piece is custom printed, there is not the ability to simply change your mind and receive a refund. If you have questions about how something will fit in your home or office, just reach out to me before you place an order so we can make sure a piece will be the right choice. Check out the Augmented Reality tool to size and virtually “see” the artwork on your own walls.

Patterns in nature art reveals individual pieces that fit together as one cohesive whole. A dried mud flat has a definite line that runs through the scene.
“Fitting In” close up abstract photo by Ann Newman.


What do you mean by styles or print medium for my artwork online order?


The style of printed artwork affects how your room will feel. The choices available are paper, canvas, metal, and acrylic.

If you want an art piece that you will end up framing yourself, perhaps putting a mat around the artwork, then you’d want to order a paper print.

There are many kinds of paper prints: glossy paper, metallic paper, and smooth fine art paper. Glossy is highly-reflective and great for bold and bright colors with no texture to the paper. Metallic paper has a 3-D effect, bringing out the light in the photo for depth, beautifully-saturated colors, and sharp details. Fine art paper is a popular choice, ideal for intense colors, contrasts, and enables a wide range of grey tones. For that reason, it is an excellent choice for black and white photos. When you order paper, there is an option of ordering a border. If you desire to put a mat on the photo, you may want to allow for a border. Otherwise, if you are placing the print into a contemporary frame that doesn’t require a mat, you’d chose no border.

Canvas prints offer a slightly-textured, more sedate feel, and a classic look. The bonus is that canvas is economical and does not have to be framed. Once you receive it, the hardware is included, and you can hang it right away. There is a choice on the finish of the canvas, either matte or glossy. Matte is perfect for rooms filled with windows where you may encounter glare. Glossy is recommended for bold and bright colors, as it reflects a bit of light.

There are other options for canvas. Since the canvas cloth is stretched over a wood frame, the sides can be printed or blank. The image can be printed all the way around, so it, in effect, is on the edges. If the appearance of the photo isn’t affected, it can overflow around the edges. If that will change the picture, though, the image can be mirrored, so it matches the front. The other choice is to have a solid color on the sides, like black or white. I can help guide you on that selection.

Metal prints offer a unique, durable print method for vibrant colors, brilliant luminescent images, and exceptional detail. Dyes are directly infused onto specially coated aluminum sheets. The luminosity is magical. The ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. Metal art prints are an excellent solution for medical office art, hospital art, or bathroom installations. Like a canvas, these pieces do not require a frame and are ready to hang on your wall as soon as you receive them.

Acrylic prints are ultra-modern and contemporary-looking. Your selection is printed on 1/16 inch thick acrylic. The light-capturing properties will enhance colors, making them appear more vibrant. The 3-D appearance is sleek and glossy. The inherent qualities will shield your image from moisture, UV rays, and accidental knocks.

Ocean wave image at sunset with a transparent layer of the wave reflecting the orange glow of the sun.
“Emotional Transparency” in Vitamin Sea – Ocean Inspiration by Ann Newman.


How can I keep up with new abstract art from Annstracts?


I’d love to share when I have new pieces added to the shop. If you sign up for my blog, I will notify you of new art and blog posts. If a piece or article reminds you of someone, why not share it with them? Word of mouth is the best. Extra karma points to you!

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