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Being in the present moment.

Photo of bear claw marks on an aspen tree and a thought-provoking quote.

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What does inspiration mean to you?


to excite, to encourage, or breathe life into


We all go through times more challenging than others, and it is easy to feel that life lacks meaning. Work tasks become overwhelming. The slightest issue irritates us, causing angry outbursts with coworkers or family. Focusing is tough. Motivation is hard. We worry about what’s going to happen next. The key is to turn the negative thoughts around. But when you are in a down mood, how do you do that?


How do you shift negative thinking?

That was me. I burnt out and felt like something was missing from my life. Yet, I began including daily short readings from various authors in my morning routine. I journaled out my frustrations. I repeated affirmations in my head throughout the day. I wrote them out on little slips of paper and left them around the house, in my car, on my desk, and in my purse. I still find them tucked into odd places, and they are like little nuggets when I re-read them. 

At first, I didn’t think any of this would matter that much. But I kept at it, and over time, I realized I felt more optimistic. I wanted to write again. I began working on my photography with more intent.

This wasn’t an overnight turnaround. If you want rock-solid abs, you can’t do a few exercises on Tuesday and expect results by Thursday. You have to train your thoughts just like you do workouts to experience change. Shifting negative thoughts takes a little effort—every single day. And you may need some tools.


How to use positive quotes with the random inspiration generator.

I’ve created this random inspiration generator to assist with this journey. My goal is to assist you in achieving the definition of “inspire”: to excite, to encourage, to breathe life into your life. I took my photos and added my words to use them as simple reminders to promote positive change.


Three fortune cookies sitting on top of a pile of fortune messages.

I’d recommend working with them in one of two ways. You can generate a random image and message, much like opening up a fortune cookie. Or, if you prefer, you’ll see topics on this page, and you can let your intuition nudge which one is for you.

I’d recommend using the message for at least a day. Let the layers of meaning show up for you over time. I wrote them to open you up to possibilities, so consider a longer period of time to digest a message. When you work with these inspiring quotes, the repetition of positive thoughts reprograms old thinking behaviors. Think of it as circuit training for your brain, doing multiple reps until you have gained that strength. 

As you read these statements, you may disagree with them. Remember, they are my thoughts and my way of wording them. Language doesn’t always convey the same meaning from one person to the next. You are welcome to disagree, but I suggest that you ask why you feel a reaction if that happens. Sometimes, we are blinded by old beliefs. Our ego protects us very well, especially around change. Be open to other possibilities and your own blocks.

As you work with these inspirational messages, you may start to notice meaningful coincidences. Perhaps one of the words in the statement jumps out to you during your day, or the symbol in the picture appears. Why would that happen? Synchronicity. That’s a sign that you are back to really engaging with life. Hot damn, that’s a good thing!


Why does synchronicity happen?

I find that the more you reflect on one message at a time and allow yourself to see the different ways the meaning might shift, you’ll discover more about yourself. You’ll be observing more, taking in more of the present moment. You’ll be able to focus on increasing your positive feelings and soothing yourself more readily if you are feeling down. When you start leaning into trusting your inner self and following your heart, synchronicities show you that you are tuning into your emotional state. The more you tune in, the more centered you’ll feel. Please take notice of these magical moments and check in with how they make you feel.

Collage of found socks. Socks everywhere. Synchronicity.

Synchronicities show up for me all the time now. It’s like a thumbs up from the universe. Several years ago, after a divorce from a long marriage, I started seeing socks, as in, one sock on a sidewalk. And then another. And another. They were everywhere and in places where no one should be taking socks off, like in Iceland by a glacier. Strange, right? At first, I wanted to know the meaning.  Did it mean I was missing a soulmate? Was I about to meet someone who would complete the pair? I got superstitious about it, like trusting a horoscope or a psychic reading. Please don’t get all wrapped up about it. Enjoy the moment; these are just signs that you have a choice to feel in every moment. Whether it is positive or negative is your call.

I still see socks, but less frequently.  I now see my two favorite numbers.  In fact, as I wrote this, I glanced at the clock, and the minutes were one of those numbers. Happens all the time. Yes, I’m probably tuned into that, just like I got to be very good at scanning the sidewalks and pavement for socks. But when I see my number or a sock, I smile.  I chuckle. And that’s a far cry from not that long ago.

Thanks for checking these photos and inspirations out. I invite you to share them with others that would benefit from them. If you’d like to know when more are added, please consider joining my email list below. These take a lot of time to create, and for that reason, I promise not to fill up your inbox like so many retailers do when you say yes to that 10% discount code. I’m just one writer-photographer doing it all with a smile. 


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