Abstract Autumn


Stories to bring clarity to the abstract side of autumn.

Leaves crunching and crisp air signify autumn. This is the season of maturity and preparation. We embrace the impermanence of life, the mystery of what change will have in store for us, and look forward to the comforts of sweaters, cozy armchairs, and hearty soups.

Take a new look at fall, one that dances, swirls, turns, and rushes on by.  These fall abstracts will open you to new sensations about one of the best times of the year.

Abstract aspen trees look like explosion

Fall Explosion

Such energy to this shot! I love working with experimental photography and using the zoom lens back and forth. After many attempts, Fall Explosion occurred. Bam! When aspens turn yellow, they look powerful. This rendition gives them a big punch of vigor, as though they want to punch you in the face. Not with vengeance or violence, but to wake you up to the magic of nature.
“I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness — it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.”
— Brene Brown


Circular blur of a fall aspen grove

Fall Vortex

Imagine a whirlwind moving through the trees creating a circular motion. Feel the pull of energy, inspiring you, drawing you closer. Fall is a time of year that the days turn shorter, yet you long for the daylight to continue so you can keep exploring little vignettes of color.
“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”
— Julia Child


An arch of blurred yellow aspen trees

Passageway to Gold​

The golden arch, not of cheeseburger fame, but of the creatures that stand, that stretch, that quake in wicked winds, and make do with stingy storms. These are some of the first heroes to show up at the scene of a fire, trying to secure the soil and grow quickly to give cover. Aspens, interconnected at the roots, share energy and support one another. These trees know they are part of something larger than themselves.
“Go spend time with the aspen trees. They’ll tell you how it works. They’ll tell you to look to your roots for energy. They’ll tell you there’s warmth below the surface.”
— Kaya McLaren
Streaming light through blurred yellow aspens

Rushing through the Woods

Many days of my working life felt like this photo. I was rushing through tasks, checking off items on lists, and fitting in one more thing before the day was over. Whether we pack in a lot of action or not, we still travel at the speed of time. So a little older and wiser, I hope the only time I replicate this photo is with my camera or if a moose is pursuing me. For the record, I’d rather be with my camera.


“One can only see clearly if one is going slowly. Quick motion creates a life-blur.”

— Terri Guillemets


Abstract gold aspens and blue skuy

Seasons Turning

Quite literally, the season is turning. Looking up at the towering tree trunks, the canopies yellow, the blue of high altitude setting the backdrop, I played with twisting the camera round and round. Not many of the images looked good, but what fun to try. And being out in nature, it’s like the saying about fishing: even a bad day of photos is a good day. Fortunately, there was a good one in the bunch. I loved the swirling effect, and it made me think about how fast the seasons change.
“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”
— George Santayana



Blurred yellow aspens

Tunnel Vision

As artists, we fall in love with some of our own shots. And this is “that one” in this series for me. Is it because I can tune out everything else and fixate on one idea? Get engrossed in something I love and forget that I need to make dinner, or that wet laundry sits in the washer? My attention focuses on one thing. The rest of the world is a blur. How amazed I was to find a stand of golden aspen that have no greens, no oranges, no overwhelming browns, no pines, and no other shrubs. I love this for the simplicity, for the concept of focusing in on one thing. Fortunately, I have people in my life that nudge me when I am deep in the trench of thought.
“There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes.”
–Pablo Picasso
Abstract yellow and blue swirls

Spinning Globe

Maybe every generation gets to a point where they feel like the earth is spinning hopelessly out of control, or at the very least, way too fast. I know that personally, if I spend too much time looking at news channels or social media, my reactions lean towards the negative spectrum of emotions. Yet, if I can remind myself to view the drama as though I am looking down at the earth from the perspective a satellite would have of earth’s imagery, I float again. 

There was something familiar to this shot. I sat and studied it, then it hit me.  This abstract photo is like the old-fashioned globe I used to spin as a kid. The faster I spun the sphere, the more those big countries blended into one. Only the blue ocean separated them. That’s what this abstract nature art of aspens looks like to me. Maybe speed and change can bring us together.  And instead of feeling unsteady, I realize I control the spinning by my reactions and therefore feel grounded once again.

In love with fall?

If you can’t get enough of beautiful aspen trees in with the golden yellow touch of September, take a look at the Colorado Fall Pictures 2020 gallery.


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